Whitetail Deer and Elk

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Our Idaho hunting trips are set during the rut in the best habitat for hunting in Idaho.




Largest Buck taken with IWA green Scored 189 7/8 B&C


Whitetail hunting this area since 1981, gives us a very good idea on deer movements during any weather condition. We use tree stands for the most part and set these up so the hunter can see the deer and size him up better than any other method. We wait until the rut is on before hunting, so we can give you a fair hunt. Being able to walk and travel off the road systems will improve the hunter’s chance on getting a truly good trophy whitetail deer. We offer both archery and rifle hunts. We have the number 2 archery whitetail buck taken in Idaho and several others in the record book.


Stan Longyear with his P&Y bull


We offer very limited Idaho elk hunting for archery and rifle hunters that don’t want the hassle of dealing with horses. We take a maximum of 4 archery hunters and 6 rifle hunters a season. Five and six point bulls are not uncommon. Big bulls can be taken by hunters that will walk and hunt hard by getting into the hiding places of those old smart bulls.

We use ATVs and trucks to get you to tree stands or feeding areas to hunt. It gets very remote and wild if you can get off the road systems, giving you a chance for a good bull. We will not have more than 4 hunters in our 130 sq. mile area on these hunts. Deer can also be taken on these hunts as well as black bear.

License and Success Information

Our whitetail hunts average 90-95% success on bucks with 120-140 class bucks common. Over the last 20 years, the largest buck is always over 150 class with several B & C bucks being taken in this area. We strive to get a buck bigger than our hunters have taken before which means we cater to each hunter’s needs.


Non Resident License and Tag Fees

  • Hunting License - $154.75
  • Elk Tag (A or B) - $416.75
  • Deer Tag - $301.75
  • Archery or Muzzleloader Permit - $20.00


Packages and Pricing

Trip Schedule and Price List. All hunts in Idaho require 6% sales tax added to all trips!

  • Archery Elk, and Deer
    5 1/2 -Day hunt $3,500.00 each

  • Rifle Elk and Deer Hunts
    5 days of hunting 2 to 4 hunters total $3,800.00 each
    This price is for 2 animals, one elk and one deer or two deer. This is the best week for both animals.

  • November Trophy Whitetail Deer - Guided Lodge Hunt
    3-Day hunt - $1,800.00
    5-Day hunt - $3,000.00


Deposits and Booking

Because we are in the mountains most of the year, and I stay in the camps to manage the hunts, we usually get backed up on the paperwork. This is a weak part of our business, so you know right up front. That is why I try to get it done before the season starts. I am proud of the fact that my clients know I am a man of my word and will say it like it is up front. I will tell you the specifics of your trip and what I expect and we expect you to do likewise. This way we will have a great time. This is a business and we have a lot of responsibilities to take on before you arrive. We have a fair payment plan set up to help this out. If you want to book a hunt over the phone, we will hold it for seven days so the mail can get the deposit check to us. We will not hold a spot for you without a deposit! We will not purchase your License and Tags from F & G without first receiving your funds. We will not take personal checks within 30 days of your hunts. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Also we require all hunts to be paid up 30 days before the start of the hunt, mainly, so I don’t have to do books on the mountain just days before a hunt. These deposits are non-refundable and are to hold you the spot you booked. If you fail to pay any payments, the spot and deposits are forfeited. Deposits can be changed to another open hunt in that year. Bookings a year in advance can hold a spot till Dec. 20th, with a $200.00 deposit. An example of this was a lion hunt that was booked for November 2000, I kept a cook and two guides on the payroll and had food bought for the hunt, the client left an email four days before the hunt that he wanted to change the trip for a spring bear hunt, I lost the spot I could have booked again and my expenses were already spent for the trip. His business decision not to come was because of his business, my part was followed through. Since we book only a few number of hunters, we cannot take this loss unless we raise every hunters fee to make up for this part of the business. Therefore, I have these rules to protect the other clients. We reserve the right to refuse service to anybody we feel jeopardizes the trips and health of our guest, help or animals. We also reserve the right to cancel trips due to unsafe conditions, weather, etc. We recommend trip insurance in case you get hurt or for some reason can’t make this hunt. This covers anything else I am not responsible for!

Booking Requirements

Business issues for Clients – Contract Information: This statement and price list is my binding contract. Being Licensed and Bonded in Idaho by the state assures clients providing funds for an avenue to ensure you get what is promised. Since I am a hunter and stay in the woods most of the year, I get this information to you up front to save both parties time and energy and money. Prices reflect the money owed our business. We have to collect the taxes and user fees for the state and federal government. Also the tag and license fees are extra through the IDF&G. We only collect them and your information, and purchase your tags as a service to help your trip run smoothly. This way you get the right tag for the trip you book, which is rather confusing with the new Fish and Game regulations. Hunts that require horse travel usually have a pack in day followed by a pack out day. All other hunts are the advertised length of the hunt. We will explain the hunt to you before you book, we will all know if it is the hunt you want.


Elk and Deer tags go on sale December 1, so planning early is a good idea. The F&G are starting implementation of new regulation for Idaho this season, which will bring many changes. Since we have been on the committees the last couple of years we understand these changes are can explain them to you. Your tags will come out of the Outfitters Set-Aside Pool when you contract a hunt with us.


7'10" bear with Belinda Stockton 2005